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Immigration Evaluations

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Since 2014, I have conducted hundreds of successful mental health psychological evaluations for immigration cases, including: I-601/I-601A Hardship Waivers, U-Visas, VAWA, T-Visa, and AsylumWith over nine years of experience as a trauma psychotherapist, I have a deep understanding of my clients' unique cases and circumstances. I also have six years of experience as an immigration legal assistant, which has given me an important perspective into the complexities of each type of case.

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What is included in the evaluation? 

- Assessment of biopsychosocial factors and relevant historical information
- Clinical observations, assessment of symptoms, and associated DSM V diagnoses
- Administration of validated and widely-used symptom screening tools to support clinical diagnoses
- Option for continued treatment if client requires more support

Trauma Evaluations (VAWA, U-Visa, Asylum, and T-Visa)

For trauma evaluations, I focus on the client's level of functioning before and after the qualifying incident(s). I include an assessment of their level of vocational and relational functioning, self-esteem, as well as familial and financial implications of the trauma. I also assess the client's trauma history and incorporate how this informs present day symptomatology. These evaluations include diagnoses from the DSM V.

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Hardship Evaluations (I-601/I-601A Cases)

For hardship evaluations, my focus is on the detrimental psychological impact caused by threatened or actual separation from a qualifying family member. I assess the multifaceted psychological, physical, and financial implications of the separation and include DSM V diagnoses.   

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