About Me

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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. Please let me share a bit about myself so that we can begin to get acquainted. I obtained my Master’s degree in Holistic Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I have been practicing psychotherapy since 2014. I am certified as a Trauma-Informed Sex Positive Therapist and am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Additionally, I am a certified Ecotherapist and offer sessions outdoors if a client desires. In my therapy practice, I utilize a trauma-informed, mindfulness-based and holistic approach, which engages both the mind and the body. 

I currently work in private practice and also see clients through Monarch Services, a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center. I have extensive experience working with people that have a history of adult and/or childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse. In addition, I have experience working with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief and loss,  self-esteem issues, ADHD and an array of interpersonal and relationship issues.    

Helping people of all genders foster empowerment is some of the work that I find most important and inspiring. I am deeply passionate about supporting people through the process of reclaiming confidence and power after trauma or in general. I am committed to continued education and exploration in the area of social justice, specifically racism, xenophobia and privilege.