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Individual Psychotherapy 
Immigration Evaluations

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #115536


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I believe in people’s ability to create lasting and powerful change in their lives. The way I see it, we are all born with the capacity to thrive. It lives within us at all times, though it can become difficult to access after we experience the unavoidable hardships of life. My role as a therapist is to support you in unveiling your innate wisdom and the deep well of internal resources that exists just beneath your conditioning. I believe that with the right guidance and support, a person can learn to tune into their intuition, step into their power, and find meaning and beauty in this wild life.


It is guaranteed that at some point in life, we will feel stagnant or stuck. This can manifest as confusion, a sense of meaninglessness, feelings of alienation or loneliness, depression, anxiety, frustration with our life circumstances or the world at large. It may sound strange, but I see this stuck-ness as an opportunity. I believe that a crisis can actually be our soul’s cry for growth, evolution, awakening. I believe that in the stagnancy lies a powerful choice: sink into our old, habitual ways of functioning or find the courage to forge a new path forward

Serving Santa Cruz County and
clients located anywhere in California

In-person, phone, and
video sessions available

Please contact me to schedule your
ree fifteen minute consultation

Hablo Español

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