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Psychotherapy Services

HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY - I provide holistic, somatic, and mindfulness-based psychotherapy to people eighteen years or older. I specialize in working with trauma. What is traumatic to somebody is wholly dependent on the individual, meaning that what is traumatic to one person may or may not be traumatic to another. There are many different types of traumatic experiences, from attachment trauma to physical trauma - I believe that we all have experienced some sort of trauma in our lives. I normally use a somatic approach when trauma is the focus, meaning that the therapy is body-centered, i.e. tuning into physical cues, mind-body interventions, breath work. Newer research shows that our bodies hold an imprint of past traumatic events and sometimes talk therapy isn't enough. Body-oriented psychotherapy has been proven to be a very effective method in treating trauma and I have had great success with clients working in this way! 

My style of psychotherapy is eclectic, in that I draw from a variety of psychotherapy techniques and modalities. My approach is also holistic and honors one's connection to mind, body, spirit, and the natural world. I utilize parts work frequently, which draws from Internal Family Systems (IFS), a modality that I have been trained in. I strive to create a safe, non-judgmental space for each of my clients by way of my warm-hearted and curious nature

Together, we can explore areas in your life that feel stagnant, patterns that are not serving you and ways that you relate to Self and others. My ultimate goal is that by the end of our time together, you will feel a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your life and are more confident in your ability to cope with life's inevitable hardships.  

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) - I have been trained as an an EMDR therapist by Dr. Philip Manfield. EMDR is a deep and powerful eight-phased trauma therapy that is body-oriented and can be quick and effective if conducted correctly. This modality was designed to alleviate distress and reform negative beliefs related to trauma. EMDR is a structured therapy and involves the client briefly touching in on a traumatic memory, while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation (such as eye movements or tapping), which helps to keep attention both in the past and in the present moment. This is a highly effective trauma therapy that is recommended as a top treatment method by the World Health Organization

Clients report experiencing a greater sense of calm after EMDR. They report feeling less triggered by memories of traumatic experiences, which allows them to be more present and receptive to life's gifts

ECOTHERAPY - As a Certified Ecotherapist, I deeply value our connection to the natural world. In my eyes, our disconnect from nature is a major factor contributing to our nation's mental health crisis. Many recent studies show that Ecotherapy can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as other mental and physical health issues. 

Ecotherapy sessions can take place both indoors and outdoors. Usually, I meet with clients indoors for at least one session before we travel outdoors.  In my Ecotherapy practice, I aim to guide clients back into their senses and help them reconnect with the natural world. Sessions are either conducted in the forest or at the beach, depending on the season and personal preference. This is a relatively new and emerging field, so please feel free to ask questions as needed!



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